General Sessions

Monday General Session with Polly LaBarre: A Maverick Manual for Success

If we want originality, invention and game-changing disruption – we need people who ignore rules, flout convention, defy the gravity of the status quo, question constantly, and experiment fearlessly. In a world of non-stop competition and rampant commodification, mavericks are the people who invent the future and create the most value. You don’t have to be a born maverick – or a disruptive startup – to push your organization, your industry, or the world into the future. You just have to think (and act) differently. Polly LaBarre’s “maverick manual” shows how to replace rules with values, hack the status quo, embrace and connect misfits and troublemakers and make a system-wide impact – even when you don’t own the system.

Tuesday General Session with Mike Walsh: Reinventing Leadership for the Age of Machine Intelligence

We live in an age of wonder—cars that drive themselves, platforms that anticipate our needs, and robots capable of everything from advanced manufacturing to complex surgery. Automation, algorithms and AI are transforming not only business, but every facet of daily life. While many fear that robots will take their jobs, the rise of machine intelligence begs a more important question: what is the true potential of human intelligence in the 21st century?

In this inspiring keynote, Mike Walsh, futurist and author of ‘The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas’ will present a vivid portrait of a brave new world orchestrated by machines that think, and how tomorrow’s leaders can upgrade their capabilities to survive and thrive in an age of accelerating technology.

Walk away with an insight into the companies, technologies and global forces shaping the age of machine intelligence, as well as a set of tailored next actions on how to redesign your organization, reimagine your role and reinvent the way you make decisions.

Wednesday Luncheon Program with Chris Helder: The Power of Influence... Mastering the Customer Experience

Prepare for a high energy presentation that will leave you with tools to persuade and influence. Chris Helder, our luncheon speaker, has a fresh approach that concentrates on understanding those you are trying to influence to create a stronger connection and ultimately results.

This presentation will help you:
  • Discover the greatest communication, persuasion and influencing tools that are practical and can be used immediately
  • Gather a list of "1%" behaviors that significantly improve your results
  • Increase your persuasion skills to get others to take action
  • Build Relationships that matter in business
  • Understand the power of coding success and replicating winning behavior

Don't miss this lively presentation!

Wednesday Closing Session with Ryan Estis: Unleash Your Inner Superhero: Keys to Achieving Breakthrough Performance

Our closing speaker will tap into your deep reservoir of potential and demonstrate techniques that remove the barriers of fear, doubt and uncertainty that threaten to inhibit performance.

Ryan Estis will introduce key insights about productivity and performance, and you will learn how to embrace change and achieve more meaning, mastery and momentum in your work life. He introduces several real-life superheroes, examples of the incredible results you can expect when you embrace your own potential.

  • Learn how to leverage change as a catalyst for growth and success.
  • Discover transformation techniques designed to unleash peak performance and become your very best.
  • Find out the keys to building high-trust, high-value relationships.
  • Explore the superhero ethos: "Be humble. Stay hungry. Always hustle."

Are you looking for fulfillment from your work and are determined to achieve your full potential? Hear how to become your very best and achieve your next big, breakthrough moment.

Additional details available in December.

Thomas R. Krause, Partner, Krause Bell Group l Dr. E. Scott Geller, Senior Partner, Safety Performance Solutions l Dr. Todd Conklin, Senior Advisor to the Associate Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Plenary Town Hall Debate: BBS at a Crossroads - Understanding the Human Side of Safety Performance Improvement

While Behavior Based Safety (BSS) remains both popular and controversial, promising new approaches are emerging, such as Human and Organizational Performance (HOP). How should OSH and operations leaders be thinking about these approaches? Has BBS run its course and are we ready for something new? Does HOP remedy the shortcomings of BBS? What are the essential differences between BBS and HOP.

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