Flash Sessions

Flash sessions will take place in various locations around the Exposition, where you will hear short bursts of information that will grab your attention, and convey key information while you visit the exhibits.

Additional details available in December.

Sample from last year:

Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof
Zika Infection, a Health Threat to Business Travelers
B Factor and Its Importance to Applying the NIOSH Lifting Equation on Worksites
Tell 'em a Story: Using Creative Non-fiction to Make it Memorable and Powerful!
Science is the Key for Flame Resistant Safety
Dropped Object Prevention: Strategies for Next Week
Implementing and Managing Successful Lockout Programs
10 Amazing PPT Things to Make Your Training Better
How Would YOU Train a Superhero to Put on a Respirator?
Trade Secrets: Innovative Use of Video Storytelling
Smart Phone Safety
Sit vs. Standing Workstations: Which is Best?
Key Considerations for Discipline of Safety Scofflaws
Actively Caring for People's Safety: How to Sustain an Injury-free Workplace
Combustible Dust Safety Through Compliance with Requirements of NFPA 652
Using Z359.2 to Control / Abate Fall Hazards
Beyond Compliance: Addressing the Human Factor
What Does Business Excellence, Engagement and Org Change Have To Do With Safety?
The Cut Standards are Changing: Here's What You Need to Know
Critical Hazards Field Guide: A Serious and Fatal Injury Prevention Tool
Safety Leadership: Using Feedback, Coaching, Accountability & Discipline Properly
Safety and Sustainability
Recordkeeping Requirements for Your Temp Workforce
Establishing an Electrical Safety Program: 7 Steps for a Proactive Action Plan
Five Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Your Ergonomics Program
The Paradigm Shift from General to Frequency Specific Anti Vibration Gloves
Safety and the Situational Leader
Advanced Ergonomic Solutions Using Exoskeletons to Fight Fatigue
Risk Mitigation with Wearable EHS Technology
Accommodating the Plus Sized Office Employee

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