NEW! Grab your lunch and choose how you want to spend it in one of these ways.

Grab 'N Go: Just want your lunch to go? Grab a box lunch and visit the expo or catch up on work or with friends.

Sandbox: Just want to eat and chill? Visit the Sandbox for a quiet retreat on the placid make-believe shores of Safety 2018.

Playground: Interested in chatting with other attendees about the issues that keep you up at night? Then grab your lunch and head over to the Playground. Here you’ll be able to talk over some pre-selected topics in a judgement-free zone. Eat, share your expertise, repeat.

Pitch for Safety – The Executive Elevator Pitch Challenge!

The eternal challenge in our profession is in refining our messages, making them actionable, and getting them heard over on the operations side of the fence. Part networking/part “hands on” workshop, you’ll get a chance to pitch your ideas to upper management – and get their candid feedback on how best to craft your message so it gets heard. At the Pitch, you’ll have the opportunity to do that live – literally get into an elevator with a senior executive and pitch your idea for improving workplace safety.

The Pitch is broken down into two parts:
Monday - Starting Pitch for Safety
Here’s where it all begins. Eat your lunch while senior safety leaders talk about ways to get yourself taken seriously by the C-Suite. You’ll also have a chance to put your pitch together and run it by the team. A select few will get to take their pitch to the "safety sharks" on Tuesday!

Tuesday - Final Pitch For Safety
It’s showtime! On day two, the pitches chosen from the previous day will get to come back and pitch their ideas to the C-Suite. Leaders from Tesla, IBM, and others will be there to listen to your elevator speeches and give you candid feedback. Bring your lunch, sit back, and listen to the dialog between safety and operations as it plays out two-minutes at a time!

Meet the Pitch Panel:

  • Jodie Fisher, Business Unit Executive, IBM
  • Deborah Roy, Corporate Director, Health, Safety and Wellness L.L. Bean
  • Alexi Carli, Vice President, Global Health and Safety, UPS
  • Laurie Shelby, Vice President- Environmental, Health and Safety, Tesla, Inc.
  • James Dorris, Vice President – Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability, United Rentals

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